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2002 Year Chapter/Topic Index

Here's a canonical list of the topics we've discussed that you may download (or just read).

Please note that in no way do these discussion archives represent the opinions or statements of the COZY designer, Nat Puffer, or the CO-Z Development Corp. and are not intended to be used as design, building or flying advice. Anyone using this information for anything other than recreational reading purposes does so at their OWN RISK!!!

By Chapter:

chap_09 02/02/03 chap_21 07/14/02
chap_23 02/02/03

By Topic:

acc_stalls 02/02/03 aoa_info 07/14/02
canard_angle 02/02/03 corrosion 02/02/03
covers 07/14/02 engines 07/14/02
faa_docs 02/02/03 insurance 07/14/02
repairs 02/02/03 roll_trim 02/02/03
suppliers 02/02/03 water_leak 07/14/02
weight_bal 02/02/03 workshop 02/02/03

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