Cozy MKIV - Chapter 9

Building the Main Landing Gear and Landing Brake

Start Date: November 9, 1995

I started this chapter by putting the table away, re-arranging the basement, and rigging the fuselage on supports so that I could rotate it around a longitudinal axis, as if it was on a rotisserie. I sanded all the areas around the landing gear mount points for the future reinforcing layups, and then rotated the fuselage upside down.

Since I didn't have the landing gear yet, I decided to work on the Landing Brake first.

  1. Landing Brake
  2. Landing Gear Reinforcements
  3. Landing Gear Cover
  4. Landing Gear Strut/Mounting Tabs
  5. Strut/Fuselage Mounting
  6. Axles, Wheels and Brakes
  7. Brake/Gear Strut Heat Shield

End Date: February 11, 1996


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