Cozy MKIV - Chapter 9 (Section 3)

Landing Gear Cover

Start Date: December 14, 1995

picture of LG reinforcment After reading the plans method of shaping the landing gear cover (using 3/8" foam) and reading a fellow COZY builder's method of hot-wiring expanded polystyrene canard leftover foam, I hit upon a third method that I chose to use. I decided to use urethane (carvable) foam. I used 1" and 2" thick slabs of this foam, built up to fit the cover recess area and hot-melt glued together. I built up "shelves" as the plans recommended to support the foam, and then sanded the outside of the foam to match the shape of the fuselage bottom and the NACA air scoop.

I then used friction tape and duct tape to build up the joggles around the cover area, and microed and glassed the outside of the cover. You can see the result of that here.

picture of LG reinforcment After this cured, I flipped the cover over, and sanded away most of the Urethane foam, to leave aproximately 1/2" - 3/4" of foam with smooth corners. You can see that here:

I then put the landing gear cover away for a while, since I didn't have the landing gear strut yet, and couldn't finish fitting it in order to glass the bottom surface.

Hiatus: December 19, 1995

End Hiatus: January 8, 1996

picture of LG reinforcment

After I fitted and mounted the landing gear strut, I was able to return to the cover. I trimmed it to fit around the strut, and then laid up 1 BID all over the bottom. I laid up 3 BID strips along the edges as reinforcments and spacers. Here's a view of the bottom layup prior to trimming:

After cure and trim, I drilled and tapped the aluminum slugs in the fuselage, and screwed the cover in place. I then micro'ed the surface of the cover, as well as the surrounding area to get a smooth, flat surface.

End Date: January 27, 1996


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