Cozy MKIV - Chapter 9 (Section 2)

Landing Gear Reinforcing Layups

Start Date: December 6, 1995

picture of LG reinforcment

I trial fitted cut out newspaper into the strange shapes that the landing gear reinforcing layups required, and finally found ones that seemed to work well. I used this newspaper as templates for cutting out the BID glass for the three main reinforment layup areas. I cut darts into some of them, and split others where the angles were too acute, always making sure that I had at least 1" of overlap of the layers.

First, I did the front L.G. reinforcement, per figure 1:

picture of LG reinforcment

Next, I layed up the BID between the firewall and rear L.G. bulkhead, and last, but definitely not least, I flipped the fuselage and did the reinforcing layup(s) between the LG bulkheads:

After all layups cured, I trimmed and sanded them smooth, and then drilled out the 1/4" holes through the LG bulkheads.

End Date: December 11, 1995


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