Cozy MKIV - Chapter 8

Building the Head Rests and Seat Belts

Start Date: April 20, 1995

foam pieces I began by cutting out the 3/8" foam for the headrest and shoulder support, as well as the 1/4" foam for the heat duct. I cut out the 1/4" plywood for the shoulder harness attach points, and hot melt glued them ito the 3/8" foam for the shoulder harness. I also glued the two shoulder support pieces together. I then cut four 1/4" plywood pieces for the seat belt attach points, and shaped them to fit snugly against the fuselage interior. I cut three 90 degree supports for the shoulder support from 3/4" foam (to support it while the first layup cures. Next, I cut the BID glass for all the first side layups. This picture shows all the pieces:
shoulder support And the shoulder support:

and again I micro'ed the foam, and put 1 BID on the headrest and shoulder support pieces, and 2 BID on the heatduct pieces. After waiting 3 - 4 hrs. for partial set-up of the shoulder support, I floxed it to the (sanded) seatback bulkhead, and wetted out the overhanging glass. I peel ply'ed the two strips, and left it alone. I then removed the peel ply, sanded the un-peel-ply'ed areas, and beveled the foam around the shoulder harness plywood pieces.

headrests in place Next, I hot glue'd the headrest pieces and the heat duct pieces together, and also carved the foam for the head duct transition piece. I sanded the heat duct and headrest corners, and then glassed them with UNI and BID cloth. I also glassed the outside of the shoulder support with the 12 plies of BID on the hard points, and 2 BID all over. After they cured, I sanded everything smooth. The above picture shows what all that looks like:
heatduct view I sanded the outer seat belt fuselage mount points, as well as the fuselage bottom where the seat belt reinforcements and the heat duct would go. After cleaning up the 43 pounds of dust, I floxed the plywood seat belt hard points and the heat duct to the fuselage, and then glassed them in place with 7 and 2 BID, respectively. This image shows the heatduct floxed in place.
Lastly, I drilled all the holes for the seat belt attachment angle brackets and the step, and had to order longer screws for the step attachment. I floxed all the angles in place, screwed them down tight, and floxed over the screw heads. I glassed the seatbelt center attach points with 4 BID and 3 UNI, peel-plyed the layups and was done.

End Date: May 29, 1995


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