Cozy MKIV - Chapter 9 (Section 7)

Brake/Gear Strut Heat Shield

Lately I've had a number of requests for pictures of the heat shield between the gear strut and the brakes.  Here are a few pictures showing that area, with descriptions.

On your left (my right), you can see the front view of the bottom of the gear strut.  The MATCO brake caliper is the orange thing, with the brake line running to it on the top. You can see the 3/32" aluminum heat shield between the gear strut and the brake rotor / wheel, extending about an inch or so above the highest extent of the rotor.  You can also see the fiberfrax / aluminum foil wrap, with plain foil on the upper inch.

On your right (my left), you can see a rear view of the same area, with a slightly better view of the heat shield between the strut and the rotor / wheel. I drilled four holes in the heat shield and the four axle bolts clamp it between the axle and the strut. You can see the fiberfrax/foil wrap, and the plane foil wrap higher up on the strut, further away from the heat shield. You can also see that I wrapped the first inch or so of the brake line with fiberfrax/foil, and with black electrical tape about 1/2 way down the exposed area of line.

If you're wondering about the two AN-3 bolts partially screwed into the inside face of the strut in between the axle bolt nuts, those hold the metal bracket for the wheel fairings in place on the back side of the strut.  I drilled and tapped the strut for them.


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