Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - March 1997


3/1/97 a) Trim and sand all previous layups
b) Tape fuselage and armrests for attach point layups
c) Cut glass for attach point layups
d) Layup attach point layups
e) Lauyup last plies on all seats - rear edge and front edge
f) Reposition left rear seatback hinges - drill out rivets and re-do
7 hrs
Finish Chapter 17
3/2/97 a) Cut out LB mechanism cover from 1/4" foam
b) Cut glass for LB mechanism cover
c) Glass LB mechanism cover
d) Trim and sand previous layups
e) Reinstall control system with teflon tape on front bearings
f) Begin retractable step installation - drill holes in fuselage - fit 3/4" aluminum tube
6 hrs
3/4/97 a) Trim and sand previous layups - continued
b) Unpack turtledeck
1 hrs
3/6/97 a) Make retractable step and knurl
3 hrs
3/8/97 a) Expand turtledeck per Jeff R's recommendations
b) Trim and sand previous layups
3 hrs
3/11/97 a) Re-do landing brake after Claude broke cable - get damper!!!
1 hrs
Start Chapter 18
3/12/97 a) Cut glass for L.B. cover outer layup
b) Cut foam for turtleback bulkhead
c) Remake tube and rod for retractable step - larger diameter (3/4" rod)
4 hrs
3/16/97 a) Layup L.B. cover outside
b) Cut glass for T.B. bulkhead
c) Layup T.B. bulkhead both sides
d) Groove fuselage floor for larger step tube
e) Flox and glass step tube in place - 2 BID
f) Trim T.B. to length - 46"
g) Mark inside of T.B. for cut line
h) Drill 1/8" holes through cut line
i) Heat and expand turtledeck again
6 hrs
3/17/97 a) Trim and sand previous layups and step tube
2 hrs
3/19/97 a) Continue sanding T.B. bulkhead
b) Sand T.B. for bulkhead and drip edge at cut line
c) Cut foam for drip edge and hot glue in place
d) Mark L.B. cover and fuselage for mounting flanges and pads
2 hrs
3/22/97 a) Tape T.B. and foam for drip edge layup
b) Cut glass for T.B. bulkhead and drip edge layup
c) Layup T.B. bulkhead and flox - layup drip edge
d) Layup three 3 BID pads on fuselage for L.B. cover attachment
e) Mark T.B. window locations
f) Begin cutting out windows
6 hrs
3/23/97 a) Continue cutting out windows
2 hrs
3/25/97 a) Continue cutting out windows
2 hrs
3/29/97 a) Continue cutting out windows
b) Sand window edges for floxing - fit all windows
c) Clean up basement
d) Cut 3/8" foam for T.B. flange thickness
e) Flox windows in place - heat to speed cure
5 hrs
3/30/97 a) Continue window inside frame installation
4 hrs
CHAPTER 17: 32 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 1239 hrs
CHAPTER 24: 61 hrs    
CHAPTER 18: 39 hrs    


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