Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - February 1997


2/1/97 a) Cut out center console and throttle quadrant plywood
4 hrs
Start Chapter 24
  b) Carve map pocket foam - cover with box sealing tape
c) Cut and fit front armrest parts
2/2/97 a) Continue (c) from previous day
b) Cut and fit thigh rest parts - front and rear
c) Cut and fit rear seats, seat backs and seat bulkheads
d) Cut and fit rear armrests and center heat duct cover
4 hrs
2/3/97 a) Continue rear armrests and center heat duct cover
b) Fit everything in fuselage
2 hrs
2/4/97 a) Continue preparing all foam parts for glassing
1 hrs
2/8/97 a) Finish preparing all foam parts for glassing
b) Cut glass for all chapter 17 and chapter 24 parts
c) Glass all chapter 17 and chapter 24 parts
7 hrs
2/9/97 a) Continue armrests and rear seat layups
b) Trim previous layups
4 hrs
2/10/97 a) Continue trimming - prepare thigh rest supports (front and back)
b) Drill and shape center console for 2nd side glassing
2 hrs
2/15/97 a) Slice thigh rests for bending
b) Finsh preparing seat backs (rear)
c) Assemble rear heat duct cover
d) Sand all parts for assembly
e) Glass rear heat duct cover and rear seat backs
f) Flox washers and glass front console sides
6 hrs
2/16/97 a) Prepare all armrests, thigh rests, etc. for installation in fuselage
b) Sand fuselage for taping of thigh rest supports, armrests, etc.
c) Trim previous layups
d) Mark fuselage for 4 BID pad layups for rear seat hinges
e) Attach Landing Brake Springs
4 hrs
2/17/97 a) Continue preparing fuselage
b) Cut glass for miscellaneous chapter 24 and chapter17 part installation
c) Tape rear thigh rest supports, rear forward armrests and front map pockets in place
d) Tape front right console side in place
5 hrs
2/18/97 a) Glass 4 BID pads for rear seat hinges
b) Glass front thigh rest supports and front side armrest pieces in place - 2 BID all around
4 hrs
2/20/97 a) Trim and sand all previous layups
b) Cut slot in center console (right) for LB handle
c) Attach cables to LB system
d) Install nylaflow guides for cables - flox in place
3 hrs
2/21/97 a) Fit left center console and throttle quatdrant bulkhead in place
b) Flox LCC and TQBH in place - glass 1 BID
c) Cut hinges for rear seat backes and thigh rests
d) Rivet hinges to rear seat backs and floor
4 hrs
2/22/97 a) Cut and fit all 4 thigh rests to fit - make TR supports (temporary) for rear
b) Hot glue all TR's in place
c) Cut glass for all TR layups and armrest layups
d) Glass all thigh rests and rear armrests
7 hrs
2/23/97 a) Sand and trim all previous layups
b) Finish fitting front armrests
c) Duct tape center console and cut 1/4" foam for cover
d) Cut glass for center console layup
e) Layup front armrests and center console
6 hrs
CHAPTER 17: 28 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 1185 hrs
CHAPTER 24: 48 hrs    


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