Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - April 1997


4/1/97 a) Sand and trim previous layups - perimeter of windows inside and out
b) Spraylat windows - exterior
c) Begin hinge installation on longerons
4 hrs
4/4/97 a) Flox hinges to longeron
b) Glass 4 BID tabs onto LB mechanism cover
1 hrs
4/5/97 a) Fit T.B. and upper firewall in place - sand and trim to fit - shim to correct height
b) Drill positioning holes through flange and into longerons - insert AN3-12A bolts for temporary positioning
c) Cut glass for upper firewall - T.B. joint
d) Begin fitting canopy to T.B. and fuselage
5 hrs
4/6/97 a) Continue fitting canopy to T.B. and fuselage
b) Make canopy templates and tape lower edge of canopy
c) Duct tape longerons - hot glue boards in place
d) Mask inside of canopy
e) Sand perimeter of canopy inside and out
5 hrs
4/12/97 a) Finish sanding canopy
b) Flox canopy in place
c) Tape 2 BID outside T.B. to upper firewall
d) Trim lower edge of canopy for foam fitting
e) Carve and fit foam for canopy rim
6 hrs
4/26/97 a) Continue foam for canopy rim carving
b) Prepare canopy/T.B. for 1 ply UNI around bottom and 3 ply BID across top
c) Layup 1 ply UNI and 3 ply BID
4 hrs
4/27/97 a) Trim and sand previous layup
b) Prepare canopy top for "eyebrow" layup
c) Micro canopy top for "eyebrow" layup
d) Micro foam blocks to canopy
4 hrs
4/28/97 a) Begin shaping canopy foam blocks per templates
2 hrs
CHAPTER 18: 70 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 1270 hrs


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