Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - January 1997


1/4/97 a) Re-glass bottom inside lower winglet 1 BID
b) Glass winglet reinforcing layups
c) Glass 2 UNI - foam for new T.E. on winglet
d) Cut T.E. off of rudder - fit foam for new T.E.
e) Layup 2 UNI on rudder T.E.
6 hrs
1/5/97 a) Trim and sand previous layups - prepare winglet and rudder T.E. for 2nd layups
b) Prepare winglet for hinge attach - line up and drill - rivet nutplates to hinges - attach hinges to winglet
c) Fit rudder - attach hinges to rudder
d) Flox and rivet hinges to rudder
e) Micro spring tube into winglet
5 hrs
1/6/97 a) Sand previous layups
b) Cut glass for last rudder and winglet T.E. layups
c) Layup T.E. rudder and winglet
2 hrs
1/7/97 a) Trim and sand previous layups
b) Permanently mount hinges to rudder
c) Glass winglet and rudder reinforcing tips
2 hrs
1/8/97 a) Trim and sand previous layups
b) Micro T.E. rudder and winglet
1 hrs
Start Chapter 16
1/10/97 a) Machine parts for control system
3 hrs
1/11/97 a) Sand rudder and winglet T.E.
b) Hang up wing(s)
6 hrs
Finish Chapter 20
  c) Clean up and set up for fuselage access
d) Cut tubing for chapter 16 - Wicks error - need to re-order some tubing
e) Cut out 1/4" plywood CS-109 and CS-118
f) Drill and connect universal joints to CS-116 to CS-115 to CS-105
g) Drill and connect RT-2 to CS-107 to CS-106
h) Drill and connect CS-104 to CSZA control stick
1/12/97 a) Drill and rivet CS-102 and CS-181 and CS-1A
b) Make and drill CS-127
c) Mark and drill and sand all holes for control system in firewall, LG bulkheads, seatback and instrument panel
3 hrs
1/13/97 a) Machine 2 CS-181's and cut delrin for CS-108's and CS-117's
1 hrs
1/14/97 a) Finish CS-108's and CS-117's - mount in CS-109's and CS-118's
b) Mark position for CS-109's and CS-118's on fuselage sides
c) Final fit bulkhead holes for CS's
2 hrs
1/18/97 a) Fit CS-105 and CS-106 together and drill for CS-112
b) Cut CS-112 - press fit into CS-105 and CS-106
c) Mount Sticks - both sides
d) 5-min epoxy CS-109's and CS-118's to fuselage sides
e) Cut foam for electrical conduits - box tape and fasten to fuselage sides
f) Cut glass for CS-109 and CS-118 layups; and for electrical conduit layups
g) Glass CS-109 and CS-118 and conduits
h) Cut rudder cables to length - swage sleeve and thimble on on end
i) Cut wing-rudder cables to length - swage sleeve and thimble on on end
8 hrs
1/19/97 a) Make aluminum quick disconnects for rudder cables
b) Cut nylaflow rudder conduit to length
6 hrs
Start Chapter 17
  c) Make CZRT-1 form 1/4" plywood
d) Flox bolts and CZRT-1 to instrument panel with 1 BID cover
e) Swage 28" cables to CZRTH
f) Make CZRT-3's
g) 5-min epoxy nylaflow to CZRT-3's - flox and UNI nylaflow in place
h) Make RTS springs - attach to RT-2's with thimble (modified) and safety wire
i) Make CZPT-1 from 1/4" plywood
j) Rebend CZPTH correctly!!!
k) Flox and BID CZPT-1 to instrument panel and nose wheel cover
1/20/97 a) Sand and trim electrical ducts, control system layups
1 hrs
1/24/97 a) Make 10 CS-50's
b) Install torque tubes - bolt everything together
c) Install roll and pitch trim handles
d) Cut rudder conduits to length - sand for flox
e) Cut CS-125L, CS-126L, CS-126, CS-129 - fit CS-50's and CS-181's
4 hrs
1/25/97 a) Rivet CS-50's into tubes (CS-181's too); install quick disconnects in CS-126/126L's
b) Install belcrank assy's in wing roots - not enough AN3-5A's
4 hrs
1/26/97 a) Attach CS-122's to CS-121's; bend CS-124's parallel to firewall
b) Finish CS-125L - mount between CS-124's
c) Flox bushings to firewall
d) Flox electrical conduits in place
e) Flox CZRT-3's to fuselage - glass 1 BID
f) FLox and glass rudder cables to fuselage sides
4 hrs
1/27/97 a) Fit canard to fuselage
b) Install CS-102/CS-136's to stick/canard - drill for clevis pins - cut to length
2 hrs
1/28/97 a) Trim holes in instrument panel for pushrod clearance
b) Trim bushing mounts for pushrod clearance
3 hrs
Finish Chapter 16 (except for finishing rudder cables)
  c) Trim CZRT-3 layups
d) Install pitch trim springs with thimbles and safety wire
e) Install roll trim cables thru CZRT-3 conduits - nicropress with cut down thimbles
f) Begin landing brake handle and actuator assembly
1/29/97 a) Make CZLB-1's and CZLB-6's
b) Assemble CZLB-15, CZLB-21 and CZLB-10
c) Adjust torqwue tubes - open bushing holes for less friction - try different RT springs
d) Assemble CZLB parts to fuselage - attach landing brake
e) Measure, drill and attach CZLB-1 and bolt to fuselage - verify position
f) Fasten LB-12 springs to CZLB-10 - ready LB-11 for attach to seatback
4 hrs
CHAPTER 20: 117 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 1122 hrs
CHAPTER 16: 37 hrs    
CHAPTER 17: 13 hrs    


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