Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - December 1996


12/2/96 a) Trim and sand previous layups
b) Cut hinge areas in rudder
c) Fit and bondo hinges in place
d) Cut bottom off rudder for alignment layups
e) Drill rudder hinge rivet holes
f) Ready for last rudder layups and hinge attach
3 hrs
12/7/96 a) Cut glass for last rudder layups
b) Make cutouts for spring hook floxing
c) Last layup for rudder straightening - flox hook in place
d) Flox hinges to rudder
e) Re-shape and glass right wing aileron universal joint clearance
3 hrs
12/14/96 a) Trim and sand rudder - drill rest of hinge rivet holes - install rest of rivets
b) Drill belhorn holes - test install horn
c) Install rudder and return spring
d) Unpack ch. 15, 18, 24 shipments from Wicks
e) Hang up wing on wall
f) Begin jigging right wing for winglet attach
g) Cut winglet bottom and wing tip to shape
h) Bondo winglet to wing with brace
i) Flip wing
j) Begin cutting foam for inside layups
6 hrs
12/15/96 a) Continue preparing inside layup areas
b) Cut block "A" and all BID glass for inside layups
c) Begin cutting lower winglet to fit
d) Layup all inside layups and install block "A"
4 hrs
12/16/96 a) Trim and shape block "A" for first outside layup
b) Shape lower winglet to fit over block "A"
c) Cut glass for first outside layup (BID and UNI) and peel ply
2 hrs
12/17/96 a) Layup 2 BID and 7 UNI - 1st outside layup
2 hrs
12/18/96 a) Sand and trim previous layup
1 hrs
12/21/96 a) Micro and foam in place lower winglet
b) Layup 1 BID on lower winglet joint
2 hrs
12/22/96 a) Cut glass and peel ply for 2nd outside layup
b) Trim previous layup
c) Cut out rudder
d) Remove foam on winglet for reinforcement layup
e) Remove foam on rudder for reinforcement layup
f) Drill hole in winglet for return spring tube
g) Mark and clear foam for return spring hook and belcrank on rudder
h) Cut all glass sfro rudder and winglet reinforcing layups
6 hrs
12/24/96 a) Layup 2nd outside layup - peel ply
b) Finish preparing rudder for reinforcing layups
c) Layup rudder reinforcing layups
3 hrs
12/25/96 a) Sand and trim previous layup
b) Turn wing on leading edge
c) Prepare winglet for reinforcing layups - fill 2nd rudder cable (recessed belhorn) area with pour foam
d) Flox hook in rudder for retrun spring
e) Flox rim on last 2 wing attach bolt access holes
f) Cut winglet T.E. off - 5 min epoxy new foam for new T.E.
3 hrs
CHAPTER 20: 100 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 1055 hrs


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