Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - November 1996


11/2/96 a) Sand and clean up bondo - hang up spar
b) Finish aileron installation - left wing
c) Begin setting up for winglet installation
7 hrs
  d) Jig upper winglet to wing - left - bondo in place
e) Prepare foam for inside layups
f) Cut glass and foam wedges for inside layups
g) Layup, flox, layup, flox, micro and foam layups #1 and #2

11/3/96 a) Trim inside layups - carve foam for 1st outside layup
b) Cut hidden rudder conduit to length - hollow around in wing
c) Cut glass (2 BID and 7 UNI) for outside bottom layup
d) Layup 1st outside layup (#3)
4 hrs
11/16/96 a) Sand previous layup
b) Trim lower winglet to fit
c) Micro and 1 BID tape lower winglet in place
d) Flip wing - remove brace - prepare for outside layup #4
e) Cut glass for layup #4
f) Layup #4 - last outside layup - peel ply
5 hrs
11/17/96 a) Sand and trim previous layup
b) Mark and cut out rudder
c) Remove foam on winglet
3 hrs
11/23/96 a) Continue foam removal and shaping around rudder area
b) Mark rudder hinge areas
c) Drill 1" x 4" hole in foam for return spring tube
d) Cut glass for replacement rudder and T.E. and for winglet/rib/rudder mount
e) Glass rear rib/rudder mount 3 BID and 2 BID at hinges
f) Glass rudder and T.E. 2 UNI
g) Cut 1" aluminum tubes for rudder return springs
h) Cut plywood caps for rudder return springs
i) Cut rudder return springs
j) Get hooks for springs
k) Cut hinges to length
7 hrs
11/24/96 a) Trim winglet layup - cut out hinge recesses
b) Mount hinges and nutplates
c) Cut all hinges and return springs to length
d) Prepare for T.E. straightening layups - cut rudder and top T.E.
5 hrs
11/29/96 a) Cut class for all rudder and T.E. and winglet layups
b) Glass 3 BID rudder rib and 2 BID for hinges
c) Glass rib ends
d) Micro spring tube in place
e) Glass winglet tip - rudder end and T.E. straightening
4 hrs
CHAPTER 19: 148 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 1020 hrs
CHAPTER 20:65 hrs    


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