Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - October 1996


10/5/96 a) Layup L.W. T.S. and peel ply
4 hrs
10/6/96 a) Remove peel ply - rough trim L.E., T.E., root and tip
b) Level wing - bondo and mark level boards
c) Prepare wing rib areas
d) Cut wing attach access holes - both sides
e) Cut out ailerons
f) Prepare rear spar - aileron attach area
6 hrs
10/7/96 a) Continue (f) from 10/6/96
b) Begin preparing ailerons for c-weights, hinges, etc.
c) Cut rod to length
d) Prepare A-10, A-2's, A-5's
2 hrs
10/8/96 a) 5-min c-weight rod to aileron
b) Sand aileron for layup
c) Clean up
d) Cut glass for all remaining wing/aileron layups
e) Micro A-10, A-2's, A-5, C-weight in place
3 hrs
10/15/96 a) Glass rear rib - 3 BID - need 3 UNI
b) Glass aileron end ribs
2 hrs
10/16/96 a) Trim previous layups
1 hrs
10/19/96 a) Layup attach point strips and attach cut-outs
b) Layup front rib - overlap attach point strips
c) Layup rear spar 3 BID - 4 BID for hinge areas - layup ends
d) Knife trim layups
5 hrs
10/20/96 a) Trim previous layups - sand rear spar
b) Cut out aileron hinge areas - drill holes - mount hinges
c) Bondo hinges to aileron - drill pop rivet holes
d) Attach universal and CS-151 to A-10/aileron
e) Rivet and flox hinges to aileron
f) Cut out antenna and torque tube holes - sand rib areas
g) Trim and sand wing and aileron T.E. to length - straight
h) Cut CS-151 to length - drill holes to mount CS152R and CS132R
6 hrs
10/26/96 a) Layup 3 UNI over LWA-6
b) Flox LWA-7 in place - 1 BID over
c) Position and flox in place delrin bearing for torque tube - 1 BID over
d) Setup on deck outside for attaching wings to center spar
e) Drill #10 pilot holes - drill 1/4" holes in center section spar
f) Jig wings to spar
4 hrs
10/27/96 a) Finish jigging - everything level, plumb, etc.
b) Drill 1/4" pilot holes through
c) 5/8" holes through
d) bondo spar level boards in place
e) Break bondo - bring everything inside
3 hrs
CHAPTER 19: 143 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 985 hrs
CHAPTER 20: 32 hrs    


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