Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - September 1996


9/2/96 a) Trim and sand previous layups
b) Trim aileron to correct length
c) Layup 3 BID rear spar/aileron support and extra plies for hinge areas
d) Layup aileron end ribs
e) Cut out torque tube and antennae holes in ribs
f) Knife trim after 5 hrs
5 hrs
9/5/96 a) Trim and Sand previous layups
b) Begin installin gaileron hinges on wing
2 hrs
9/7/96 a) Continue installing aileron hinges
b) Fit hinges to wing and flox and pop-rivet to aileron
c) Glass 1 BID over LWA-7
2 hrs
9/8/96 a) Trim LWA-7 layup
b) Finish hinge installation
c) Fit and attach aileron actuation torque tubes, etc.
d) Switch wings - begin preparation of left wing
4 hrs
9/14/96 a) Jig left wing level - put I-beam under trailing edge
b) Remove 1/2" T.E. foam - smooth and taper
c) Hard shell bottom surface - left wing
d) 5 min. epoxy and flox delrin CS-150 in place - right wing
e) Glass 1 BID on CS-150 and other end aileron hole - right wing
5 hrs
9/15/96 a) Sand previous layups
b) Make and fit Glideslope antenna
c) File LWA-3 corner round
d) Mark wing tip and root B.L.'s and F.S.'s - mark for peel ply on root and aileron position
e) Re-micro L.W. bottom skin
4 hrs
9/17/96 a) Sand hard-shell and vacuum everything
b) Last minor micro bottom surface
2 hrs
9/21/96 a) Sand micro
b) Staple peel ply along root edges and aileron front
c) Cut glass for L.W. bottom surface layup
d) Cut peel ply for L.W. bottom surface layup
e) Layup L.W. B.W. and peel ply whole wing
4 hrs
9/22/96 a) Trim bottom skin
b) Sand traling eddge and leading edge - mark rear cut line
c) Micro trailing and leading edges
2 hrs
9/23/96 a) Sand micro and vaccuum
b) Flip wing -= level
c) File LWA-2 and LWA-3 corners
d) Sand wing for hard shelling
1 hrs
9/24/96 a) First hard shell micro L.W. T.S. 2 hrs
9/25/96 a) Sand previous micro
b) Mark and route BOTH rudder conduit paths
1 hrs
9/26/96 a) Place rudder conduits
b) Micro in place
2 hrs
9/28/96 a) Sand and vaccuum
b) Last micro L.W. T.S.
1 hrs
9/29/96 a) Sand previous micro
b) Put peel ply on root edges and aileron front
c) Cut glass for L.W. T.S. layup
d) Level wing
3 hrs
CHAPTER 19: 107 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 949 hrs
CHAPTER 16: 32 hrs    


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