Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - August 1996


8/3/96 a) Sand right wing bottom surface - vacuum
b) Cut glass for right wing bottom skin layup
c) Layup right wing bottom skin
d) Peel Ply whole wing with hair dryer
e) Knife trim after 6 hrs
5 hrs
8/4/96 a) Trim and sand right wing bottom skin layup
b) Mark BL-31 and BL-169
c) Micro L.E., T.E. and bottom surface
3 hrs
8/5/96 a) Sand Micro
b) Flip wing - level
c) File LWA-2 and LWA-3 corners
d) Sand foam core for hard-shelling
2 hrs
8/7/96 a) Vacuum wing top surface
b) Hard-shell micro top surface
2 hrs
8/10/96 a) Sand hard-shell
b) Mark both rudder conduit paths
c) Route both rudder conduit paths
d) Place conduit - hold in place with toothpicks
e) 2 part urethane over conduits - (BAD IDEA!!!)
f) Prepare for 2nd microing - sand and vacuum
g) Micro conduits in place - micro surface and low
3 hrs
8/11/96 a) Sand micro
b) Peel ply L.E. aileron - both root rib areas
c) Level wing
d) Cut and place all glass (UNI and BID) for top surface layup
e) Cut and place peel ply for top surface layup
f) Layup top skin - right wing - peel ply
7 hrs
8/12/96 a) Remove peel ply - rough trim ribs, T.E. and tip b) Level wing - bondo level boards to top surface
c) Prepare wing rib areas for layups
2 hrs
8/14/96 a) Continue prepering wing rib areas
b) Cut wing attach access holes - both sides
2 hrs
8/15/96 a) Finish rib areas - prepare LWA-7
b) Cut out aileron
c) Cut out hinge areas on wing
d) Prepare wing for rear "Spar" layup - aileron area
e) Cut balance rod to length
f) Cut hinges to length - rod shorter - snub ends
g) Cut A-10 tube to length
h) Recess aileron for A-2's, A-5's, and A-10
i) Recess aileron for tips
j) Hot glue balance rod to aileron - fair in bottom surface
k) Cut glass for all rib, rear spar, and aileron layups
7 hrs
8/17/96 a) Layup acess holes - 1 BID
b) Layup front rib and 2 UNI around access holes
2 hrs
8/18/96 a) Layup rear rib - 3 BID - 3 UNI - LWA-7
b) Micro and layup 1 BID on aileron - peel ply
4 hrs
CHAPTER 19: 66 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 908 hrs
CHAPTER 20: 32 hrs    


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