Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - July 1996


7/1/96 a) Sand cores smooth - shape tips
b) Clean up
c) Cut glass for outside winglet layups
3 hrs
7/4/96 a) Set up for outside winglet layups
b) Layup outside upper and lower winglets per plans
3 hrs
7/5/96 a) Remove peel ply - trim layups - sand for next layup
b) Install antennae in winglets - wire under foam - drill hole for less filling
c) Cut glass for inside winglet layups
d) Micro winglets for nest layup - micro trailing edge
6 hrs
7/6/96 a) Sand and trim previous micro - cut off fishtail and sand smooth
b) Glass inside layups on lower winglets - peel ply
c) Glass inside on right upper winglet - peel ply
4 hrs
7/7/96 a) Glass inside left upper winglet - peel ply
b) Clean epoxy pump - use bag in hardener container per Phillip Johnson's suggestion
c) Trim and sand previous layups
3 hrs
7/8/96 a) Pick up and unpack wing kit from AeroCad
2 hrs
7/9/96 a) Watch AeroCad video tapes
2 hrs
7/13/96 a) Trim and sand left winglet
  b) Set up for wings
c) Sand spars all four sides
d) Jig spars for leading edge cores
e) Micro right L.E. cores to right spar - hold with screws
5 hrs
7/14/96 a) Micro left L.E. cores to left spar
b) Flip right wing - jig level
c) Micro right T.E. cores to spar
5 hrs
7/20/96 a) Jig left wing level for T.E. cores
b) Micro left T.E. cores in place
c) Jig right wing bottom up on I-beam - level
d) Cut trailing edge 1/2" back - radius edge
e) Lightly sand right wing foam - ready for hard shell
7 hrs
7/21/96 a) Hard shell right wing bottom surface
3 hrs
7/24/96 a) Sand right wing bottom surface
b) Re-micro right wing bottom surface
c) Get antenna and peel ply ready for wing layup
2 hrs
7/29/96 a) Sand right wing bottom surface
b) Affix peel ply for aileron, T.E., and ribs
c) Route foam for 2nd NAV antenna installation - drill hole through to wire tunnel
2 hrs
7/31/96 a) Finish installation of 2nd NAV antenna
b) Last hard shell of bottom surface - micro antennae in place
2 hrs
CHAPTER 19: 27 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 869 hrs
CHAPTER 20: 32 hrs    


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