Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - June 1996


6/12/96 a) Figure out what's going on after 6 weeks!!
b) Drill out canard lift tab holes and c'bore to 5/8"
c) Mark CNL bushings for length trim
d) Make nutplates for backup
e) Drill nose top for 4 door screws and nutplates - attach nutplates to top with rivets
2 hrs
6/14/96 a) Remove all hardware from nose - pedals, retract, etc.
b) Jig fuselage level - all directions
c) Fit canard to fuselage - jig level and straight
d) Notch F-28 for elevator trim belcrank installation
e) Flox alignment pins and CNL bushings in place - recheck level
2 hrs
6/15/96 a) Remove canard
b) Flox nutplates in place on back of CNL bushings
c) Flox, micro, BID tape nose top onto nose
d) Micro nose door rim and nose area and nose gear
e) Cut and fit 3/8" foam for nose - F22 torsional stiffener
f) Glass bottom of torsional stiffener - 2 UNI
5 hrs
6/16/96 a) Trim torsional stiffener
b) Flox torsional stiffener in place - glass 2 UNI on top
c) Sand micro on nose
d) Micro nose top seams
e) Micro nose gear
f) Glass 3 BID lip on front nose door
4 hrs
6/17/96 a) Sand nose - micro around front nose door
b) Make winglet templates - 1/16" aluminum
c) Trim, sand, and micro torsional stiffener in nose
3 hrs
6/19/96 a) Paul Adrien - EAA Technical Counselor #1627 EAA #150040 performs inspection - says everything looks good
2 hrs
6/21/96 a) Sand micro on nose and nose strut
3 hrs
  b) Clean up and organize
c) Put fuselage away - put up table
d) Prepare winglet templates
e) Begin laying out foam for hot wiring
f) Begin hot wiring core blanks
x hrs
6/22/96 a) Finish cutting winglet core blanks
b) Hot wire bottom winglet cores - with Deanie
3 hrs
6/23/96 a) Hot wire upper winglet cores - with Deanie
b) Micro and 5 min all core pieces together
c) Begin hard shelling cores
3 hrs
6/24/96 a) Continue hard shelling cores
1 hrs
6/26/96 a) Continue hard shelling cores
2 hrs
CHAPTER 13: 159 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 820 hrs
CHAPTER 20: 10 hrs    


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