Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - March 1996


3/2/96 a) C'bore NG-5 for S75 and S79 screws
b) Flox NG-5 and screws to strut
c) Trim and sand previous layup - some peeled off - need 2 BID strips on F0 bulkhead - lay up
d) Trim nose cone from AeroCAD
e) Layup NG-31 and NG-32 bulkheads
f) Layup 2 BID both sides NG-31 and NG-32
g) Cut out fuselage sides parts "A"
4 hrs
3/3/96 a) Trim and sand NG-31 and NG-32 to shape
b) Hot glue NG31 and NG-32 to F0 - micro and glass with 2 BID tape
c) Cut out fuselage nose sides "B" and "C" - 5 min epoxy to "A"
d) Carve and sand nose side insides to shape
e) Cut 2 BID for fuselage nose side inside layups
f) layup 2 BID for fuselage nose side inside layups
5 hrs
3/4/96 a) Skip to Step 8 while nose access is still easy
b) Flox MKNG-15A to strut
c) Attach strut to fuselage
d) Cut hole in fuselage bottom between F22 and instrument panel for nose gear retract clearance
2 hrs
3/6/96 a) Finish hole in fuse. bottom for nose gear
b) Cut and trim strut cover and nosewheel box to fit in fuselage
c) Cut groove in gear strut to clear spacer on VENGR - need to glass with 2 BID wrap
2 hrs
3/9/96 a) Install plexiglas windows in nose wheel box
b) Sand nosewheel box, nose floor, strut cover
c) Glass strut cover with 2 BID - Flox in place, hold with nails
d) Flox and glass 2 BID nose wheel box in place
e) Carve foam block for hot air deflection
4 hrs
3/10/96 a) Trim and sand nose sides
b) Trim and sand nose NG-31, NG-32, bulkheads for landing light installation - make holes in F-0
c) Sand nose floor and F-0 for nose side installation
d) Install Curtis Smith's nose gear ratchet on NG-65
e) Install NG-59 universal on w0rm gear
f) Install NG-61 tube on universal
g) Drill hole in F-22 for NG-61 tube
h) Drill hole in Instrument Panel for ratchet and NG-65
6 hrs
3/11/96 a) Attach NG-61 tube to NG-65 crank and ratchet with rivets
b) Attach strut spring (MKLST) to strut and VENGR - trim SC for clearance - verify full range of motion retract and extend
2 hrs
3/13/96 a) Continue fitting landing lights
b) Remove all nose gear retract stuff and strut
2 hrs
3/16/96 a) Remove all nose gear retract stuff and strut
b) Mark nose cone for plexi-windows
c) Cut plexi for LL windows - mold in oven @ 275 deg
d) Cut holes in nose cone - shape plexi to fit - bevel edges
4 hrs
3/17/96 a) Mask plexi windows for floxing in nose cone - hot glue in place
b) Create pitot tube assy. per alternate plans - route tubing
c) Make nutplate for landing light brackets
d) Flox nutplates in place on F-0
e) Flox pitot tube assy. in place - glass 1 BID on sides
f) Glass 1 BID on L.G. strut over groove for VENGR
g) Flox plexi-windows in place in nose cone
6 hrs
3/18/96 a) Dig out and reroute pitot line - no dip!!!
b) Sand and trim one plexi window in nose cone
2 hrs
3/23/96 a) Sand and trim other window
b) Cut out opening for nose door in nose cone
c) Trim door for opening - hot glue to cone and prepare for lip layup
d) Flox and 1 BID glass pitot line in place
e) Micro and 1 BID wedge for hot air outlet - nose gear box
f) Micro and 1 BID foam end block at ends of SC
g) Cut pattern for rear nose door hinge
4 hrs
3/24/96 a) Trim and sand all previous layups
b) Pour foam between SC and NG-30's
c) Micro over pour foam
d) Glass 3 BID lip on front nose door
2 hrs
3/26/96 a) Contour holes in F-0 for removal of lights to the rear
b) Paint inside nose cone black
c) Remicro exposed foam in nose area
d) Make backing plate for mounting brake reservoirs on F-5; test mount
4 hrs
3/28/96 a) Sand previous microing
b) Rivet nutplates on nose cone for door
1 hrs
3/29/96 a) Flox nose cone onto NG-31, NG-32, and F-0
1 hrs
3/30/96 a) Micro and 2 BID tape nose sides to F-22, F-0 and nose bottom - add 3 BID on canard mount points
b) Micro forward nose door rim
c) Drill out space for static ports in fuselage sides - both sides of fuselage
d) Micro 1/4" aluminum tubing in place for static ports
4 hrs
3/31/96 a) Finish routing pitot line
b) Sand fuselage nose sides flush and even on top
c) Install nose gear
d) Flip fuselage
e) Carve fuselage nose bottom and sides to shape
f) Cut nose gear well to shape - carve foam radius for back of well
g) Cut 1/4" plywood for nose bumper mount
h) Cut hockey puck for nose bumper
6 hrs
CHAPTER 13: 92 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 743 hrs


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