Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - February 1996


2/3/96 a) Carve L.G. strut for mounting MATCO axles and brakes
b) Level fuselage - mark points on wall for toe-in adjustment
c) Cut out two 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 0.063" aluminum backing plates
d) Flox doublers and inserts onto NG-30's
e) Glass 3 BID onto L.G. strut ends
f) Flox backing plates and axle pad in place - clamp and align toe-in using 20" nose gear torque tube with slit holes in taped ends
8 hrs
2/4/96 a) Trim L.G. strut end layup
b) Clamp axles in place and drill 1/4" mounting holes
c) Cut nylaflow tubing to length for brake lines
d) Test mount wheels on axles - install tubing fittings
2 hrs
2/5/96 a) Make aluminum manifold for 90 degree nylaflow fittings for bulkhead
b) Assemble wheels - put on axles
c) Sand L.G. strut end layups smooth
3 hrs
2/10/96 a) Hang up landing gear strut for storage
b) Sand Landing Brake
c) Sand L.G. cover and recess area
d) Cut hole in forward L.G> bulkhead for manifold - flox in place
e) Trim L.G. box top and sides to fit
f) Cut glass for LG box topa nd sides - 2 BID
g) Layup 2 BID LG box top and sides
5 hrs
  h) begin fitting strut into nose gear parts
2/11/96 a) Finish fitting strut into nose gear parts
b) Locate and drill NG-51 holes in NG-30's
c) Sand depressions in NG-30's
d) Cut BID for nose strut wrap and NG-30 layups
e) Layup 1 BID aft face nose gear strut
f) Layup 15 BID pads - 4 BID on NG-30's and doublers and 2 more BID
g) Trim and sand L.G. box layup
h) Make NG-5 from 1/4" aluminum
i) Build up nosewheel - needs inflation
6 hrs
2/12/96 a) Trim previous layups
b) Drill all holes in NG-30's
c) Trial fit Worm Drive (VENGR) in NG-30's
d) Remove glass and foam down to peel ply - prepare and bevel for 2 BID layup
2 hrs
2/14/96 a) Sand nose gear strut - cut 1 BID for 2nd ply
b) Drill rudder pedal holes in NG-30's
c) Layup 1 BID on NG strut
d) Layup 2 BID on NG-30's for MKNG-6 pivot point
1 hrs
2/17/96 a) Trim and sand previous layups
b) Drill out 5/16" holes for MKNG-6 pivots
c) Build up VENGR, NG-30's, and MKNG-6 - file washers to fit
d) Position strut for floxing to MKNG-6
e) Flox strut to MKNG-6
f) Wrap strut with 4 BID - flox MKNG-3 and MKNG-4 to strut and clamp in place
g) Make bushings for MM-6 rod ends
h) Cut out F-0 and F-5 bulkheads
i) Cut glass for 1st bulkhead layups
j) Cut foam for nose floor - begin sanding depressions
4 hrs
2/19/96 a) Sand floxed areas on strut
b) Drill 1/4" hole in MKNG-3 & 4 (Need AN4-16A - not 15A)
c) Drill #11 holes through MKNG-6 and strut (need longer screws - the -70's aren't long enough)
d) Glass F-0 and F-5 - flox to NG-30 box - 2 BID tapes for F-0
e) Continue sanding nose floor - finish
f) Put fuselage on sawhorses - take off pivots
g) Carve small urethane blocks for transition F22 - floor
4 hrs
2/21/96 a) Trim and sand previous layup
b) Trim and file NG-3 & 4 to shape
c) Cut glass (BID for F-5 and F-0 layups
d) Level and center fuselage
e) Glass F-0 and F-5 with 1 & 2 BID respectively
2 hrs
2/22/96 a) Trim and sand previous layup
b) Jig Nose gear box (NG-30's) to F22 on fuselage
c) Flox and glass 2 BID NG-30's to F22
2 hrs
2/23/96 a) Trim and sand previous layup
b) Micro nose floor foam blocks in place
2 hrs
2/24/96 a) Remove strut from nose box
b) Cut glass for nose floor layup
c) Sand and shape F22 - floor transition
d) Glass 2 BID nose floor - 3rd BID across F22
3 hrs
CHAPTER 9: 126 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 682 hrs
CHAPTER 13: 31 hrs    


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