Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - April 1996


4/2/96 a) Cut glass for nose wheel well layup
b) Carve foam for L.G. strut spacer for nose skin layup
c) Tape nose sides for microing
d) Shape bumper and mount to fit in front of strut - ensure clearance
e) Flox bumper mount and bumper in place
f) micro - (hard shell with alcohol) fuselage nose exterior
g) Flox and glass wheel well rim and rounded air exit
3 hrs
4/4/96 a) Sand and shape previous layups and micro'ing
b) Shape bumper to clear strut and for glassing
c) Cut glass for nose bottom skin layup
d) Drill static ports - three 1/16" holes per side
e) Layup 2 BID bottom nose skin - 3 BID over strut peel ply whole layup
f) layup 4 BID on bumper/nose interface
4 hrs
4/8/96 a) Trim and sand previous layups
b) Cut out Nose Gear strut from fuselage
1 hrs
4/13/96 a) Cut and fit 1/32" aluminum forward and aft nose gear doors
b) Drill and tap MKNG-16 for aft door assembly
c) Micro nose layup @ F-22 and F-0
d) Micro around bumper
e) Micro and layup 2 BID over strut lapping onto fuselage
5 hrs
4/14/96 a) Trim and sand previous layup and micro
b) Remove nose gear
c) Cut MKNG-1 bushings so wheel bearings have pressure
d) Prepare strut for back corner layups
e) Flip fuselage
f) Sand all inside nose layups
g) Paint last coat flat-black in nose cone
h) 5 min. epoxy fuselage nose top to sides
i) Make nose carving template
j) Carve nose to shape
4 hrs
4/15/96 a) Continue carving nose - put 3/4" spacers under top
b) Mark top for nose door
c) Micro and glass 1 BID back side of nose strut
d) Micro nose top and sides
4 hrs
4/17/96 a) Sand nose smooth
b) Cut glass for nose door layup - tape nose
c) Layup 3 BID nose door
d) Trim and sand strut layup
2 hrs
4/20/96 a) Sand and trim nose door
b) Cut 1" BID strips and foam spacers
c) Layup three 1" BID edge stiffeners on door and 1 BID over foam spacers
d) Sand door recess in nose
e) micro nose again
4 hrs
4/22/96 a) Trim and sand nose door
b) Micro and glass 2 BID nose top and sides
2 hrs
4/23/96 a) Trim and sand nose top layup
b) Cut out nose door hole
c) Cut nose top off
d) Prepate for flox corners and inside BID layup
e) Cut glass for nose top inside layup
3 hrs
4/24/96 a) Micro and glass 1 BID and 3 BID inside top nose with flox corners
b) 1st flox top of fuselage sides and NG-30's and F-5 top
2 hrs
4/27/96 a) Trim and sand nose top layup
b) Drill out NG-30 rudder pedal holes for Oilite bushings
c) Cut 5/8" steel tubing for rudder pedals
d) Drill outside rudder pedal for CS-13 spacers
e) Make nutplates for rudder pedals
f) Begin fitting pedals into fuselage
4 hrs
4/28/96 a) Cut foam for nutplate support
b) Assemble pedals and tubing
c) Flox foam and bushings in place
d) Install pedals - hold in place with bungee
e) 5-min nutplates to foam
f) Make 1/16" aluminum tabs for pedal springs
g) Design brackets and rods for master cylinder mounting
h) Sand fuselage sides - nose area
4 hrs
4/29/96 a) Make tubs, rods, and brackets for master cylinders
b) Assemble M.C.'s and hardware - trial fit for glassing
c) Rivet nutplates (corner) onto brackets - mark position on nose floor
2 hrs
4/30/96 a) Cut rudder pedal spring tabs to correct length - shorter
b) Cut glass for M.C. bracket layup and out pedal mount layups
c) Layup out pedal mount - 4 BID and micro
d) Layup M.C. brackets - 2 BID, flox, and 1 BID underneath
2 hrs
CHAPTER 13: 138 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 789 hrs


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