Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - January 1996


1/1/96 a) Remove clamping blocks - clean up table
b) Add cover and heat to speed tab curing
c) Drill 1/4" holes throught tabs - line up perfectly!
d) Remove jigging from strut - break out and remove bondo
e) Begin trimming tabs - hacksawe
2 hrs
1/2/96 a) Ream out all MK-4 bushings to fit studs
b) Finish trimming and sanding tabs to size and shape
2 hrs
1/4/96 a) Cut BID for inside tab layup
b) Fill 1/4" holes with wax
c) Drill 10 #29 dimples each MKMGA
2 hrs
1/6/96 a) Flox corners of inside tabs
b) Layup inside 45 plies for mounting tabs
c) Clamp with block
d) Cover and heat
3 hrs
1/7/96 a) Trim and sand tabs to shape
b) Drill out 1/4" holes
c) Clean up - re-arrange basement
d) Level fuselage upside down
e) Position gear in fuselage
f) Recut tabs and redrill holes 1-3/8" lower - were in WRONG place!!
6 hrs
1/8/96 a) Trim fuselage opening so gear will fit
b) Fit and position gear on 1/4" rods
c) Trim and sand L.G. cover to fit over strut
d) Position, fit and drill MG-1, MG-2 and bulkheads
e) Drill 5/16" hole in MG-2's
f) Flox and screw MG-1's and MG-2's in place
g) C-Bore out mounting tab holes with 3/4" C-bore (Holes a little small!!)
h) Sand holes to size with dremel - fit MKMGA's in holes
5 hrs
1/13/96 a) Drill out 5/8" holes through MG1 and MG2 and bulkheads with 5/8" c-bore
b) Fit MKMG-4 bushings - sand to fit - line fit MK-100 stud - fits perfectly
c) MKMGA too long - need to turn down 1/32"; MKMG-4's need to be 0.010" shorter
d) Jig landing gear cover for glassing 2nd side - 1"x2"'s and bondo
e) Cut foam for landing gear box top and sides - 3/8" PVC
f) Cut glass for L.G. cover bottom layup and box top and sides
4 hrs
1/14/96 a) Layup 1 BID bottom L.G. cover and 3 BID strips on edges
b) layup 2 BID bottom L.G. box top and sides
2 hrs
1/15/96 a) Turn MKMG-4 bushings to correct length
b) Fit landing gear, MKMGA, and MKMG-4's all in place with studs
c) Flox MKMG-4's and MKMGA's in place - keep aligned on fuselage with studs
2 hrs
1/20/96 a) Trim L.G. cover and L.G. box top and sides
b) Fit L.G. cover in space
c) Drill #21 tap drill holes in L.G. cover and slugs
d) C'sink #11 holes in L.G. cover
2 hrs
1/21/96 a) Sand flox on MKMGA's - shape foam for glassing
b) prepare L.G. cover and recess for micro'ing
c) Cut glass for 2 BID MKMGA layup and 2 BID AN960-1216 layup
d) Glass (c) e) Micro L.G. cover - 1st layer
3 hrs
1/23/96 a) Trim previous layup
b) Sand L.G. cover
1 hrs
1/25/96 a) Glass 3 BID rim on bottom landing brake for sanding flush
b) Micro L.G. cover and cover recess rim
2 hrs
1/27/96 a) Trim Landing Brake
b) Sand L.G. cover and recess
3 hrs
  c) Cut out foam for NG-30's
d) Begin making plywood and aluminum doublers for NG-30's and aluminum inserts
1/28/96 a) Finish doublers and inserts
b) Cut glass, peel ply for NG-30 layup
c) Layup peelply, 2 BID and then 4 BID on NG-30
d) Micro outside of landing brake
3 hrs
1/29/96 a) Trim and sand and square up NG-30's
1 hrs
CHAPTER 9: 108 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 638 hrs
CHAPTER 13: 5 hrs    


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