Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - December 1995


12/2/95 a) Finish 1/8" recess - round all corners
b) Sand L. B. to size
c) Cut out slot in fuselage bottom for L.B. actuator
d) Cut BID for recess layup
e) Micro LB-23 in place in fuselage - 5 min epoxy to hold
f) Remove L.B. and shims from LB-23
g) Sand foam and LB-23 for layup
h) Layup 2/3 ply BID in fuselage recess and over LB-23 - peel ply
5 hrs
12/3/95 a) Remove peel ply - sand layup
b) Drill and tap out holes
c) Test mount L.B. - looks good
d) Saran wrap LB - micro slight recesses around
e) Make LB-18's from 1/16" aluminum angle
3 hrs
12/4/95 a) Installed LB-18's on L.B.
b) Sanded micro - put on 2nd layer on fuselage
2 hrs
12/6/95 a) Sand LB recess micro - remove and store L.B.
b) Cut all glass (BID) for L.G. fuselage reinforcements
2 hrs
12/8/95 a) Layup 3 BID and 2 BID front L.G. reinforcements per figure 1
2 hrs
12/9/95 a) Layup 2 BID, 3 BID, k3 BID in rear well between firewall and rear L.G. bulkhead
b) Flip fuselage
2 hrs
12/10/95 a) Trim glass for bottom reinforcing layups
b) Layup bottom reinforcing layups
4 hrs
12/11/95 a) Trim and sand reinforcing layups
b) Drill out 1/4" L.G. bulkhead holes
2 hrs
12/14/95 a) Begin cutting and sanding foam for L.G. cover
2 hrs
12/15/95 a) Finish fitting foam (1" and 2" urethane) for L.G. cover
b) Micro and glass NACA scoop portion of L.G. cover
c) Micro and glass (3 BID) sides of top of L.G. cover
4 hrs
12/17/95 a) Sand and trim top of L.G. cover
b) Sand foam to shap on bottom
2 hrs
12/18/95 a) Fabricate MG-1's and MG-2's - drill and c'sink holes
b) Clean up
2 hrs
12/19/95 a) Sand L.B. cover bottom foam to size (again)
b) Measure and check Canard shape again - no decision
2 hrs
12/22/95 a) Unpack Wicks and L.G. strut shipments
b) Check length and angle of L.G. strut from AeroCad all O.K.
1 hrs
12/24/95 a) Sand L.G. strut smooth and round edges
b) Cut 8 pcs. 16" wide @ 30 degrees (UNI) for L.G. torsional layup (#2 - AeroCad does #1)
c) Cut BID for "straw" layup
d) Cut straws and 5 min. epoxy to trailing edge
e) Put aluminum tape BID support in place
3 hrs
12/25/95 a) Glass 2 BID over straws - micro fill
b) Prepare strut for UNI layup
c) Start cutting jigs for tab layups
d) Cut UNI for tab layups - 15" and 13" wide strips
3 hrs
12/27/95 a) Trim and sand BID "straw" layup
b) Micro around straws and fill holes in L.G. strut
c) Jig L.G. strut on screws for 4 UNI layup
d) Layup 4 UNI outer torsional layup - peel ply
4 hrs
12/29/95 a) Remove peel ply - break loose from screws
b) Trim and sand layup
1 hrs
12/30/95 a) Finish sanding 4 UNI plies
b) Sand L.G. strut to 5.75" width at tab mtg. points
c) Jig tab box to strut
d) Jig strut and box to worktable
e) Make 1/4" hole drilling jig from 2"x4" (long way)
f) Micro L.G. strut trailing edge
g) box-seal tape jigs
5 hrs
12/31/95 a) Cut BID for tabs
b) Cut clamping blocks for tabs - box-seal tape
c) RECUT OUTSIDE UNI FOR TABS - 15" is TOO SHORT!!! need 18" at LEAST!
d) Layup mounting tabs
e) Clamp with blocks
4 hrs
CHAPTER 9: 70 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 595 hrs


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