Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - November 1995


11/1/95 a) Clean up - cut glass for LWA reinforcements
b) Cut flass for LWA3 4 UNI ply
c) Cut glass (UNI) for 2 ply front layup (#8)
d) Mark front of spar for 5"x13" cutouts
e) begin cutout and shaping of 5"x13" cutouts
2 hrs
11/4/95 a) Sand for front layup
b) Re-layup all LWA reinforcements - flox LWA3 in place
2 hrs
11/5/95 a) Sand LWA layups
b) Layup 2 UNI on front spar - layup #8
c) Peel ply - use hair dryer - rich layup for fuel resistance
5 hrs
11/6/95 a) Remove peel-ply - sand layup
b) Cut 2.25" holes in bottom of main spar - remove foam
c) Cut flox corners on outboard bulkheads
d) cut 1 BID for outboard bulkhead layups
e) Glass 1 BID outboard bulkheads
f) micro 2.25" hole edges
2 hrs
11/8/95 a) Trim and sand previous layup and micro
b) Hang up spar
1 hrs


11/9/95 a) Re-arrange basement
1 hrs
11/10/95 a) Rig fuselage for landing gear reinforcement layups
b) Sand fuselage for LG reinf. layups
1 hrs
11/11/95 a) Continue sanding
b) Cut out and sand landing brake to shape
3 hrs
11/19/95 a) Fab LB-23 and LB-19 from 1/4" plywood
b) Mark and route foam for LB-19
c) cut and 5 min epoxy aluminum slugs to LB-23 - 5/8"x5/8"x1/4"
d) 5 min epoxy LB-23 to hinge at 45 degrees with 0.025" shims (utility knife blades)
e) Cut foam away on Landing Brake for LB-19 and hinge
f) Route foam on fuselage for LB-23 and hinge
g) Route 1/8" from Landing Brake fuselage recess
4 hrs
11/20/95 a) 5 min epoxy LB-19 to hinge
b) Drill pilot holes through aluminum slugs & LB-23
c) Flox hinge and LB-19 to Landing Brake
d) Micro Landing Brake fuse. recess dings and dents
2 hrs
11/27/95 a) Sand Landing Brake foam - radius all corners - fair all sharp edges
b) Hot glue 1"x2" brace to back of Landing Brake
c) Cut 3 BID for Landing Brake inside layup
d) Drill and tap 4 holes in slugs - use #12 drill for clearance holes through hinge and LB-23, use #21 drill for tapped holes in slugs
e) Route rest of 1/8" depression for Landing Brake clearance - sand and smooth recess
2 hrs
11/29/95 a) Layup 3 BID on Landing Brake top surface
b) Knife trim and turn over into fuse. recess for cure
2 hrs
CHAPTER 14: 86 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 540 hrs
CHAPTER 9: 15 hrs    


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