Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - October 1995


10/1/95 a) Layup all Spar interior glass - BID and UNI
7 hrs
10/2/95 a) Trim and sand previous layup
b) Cut glass (BID) for front piece(s) inside surface
1 hrs
10/4/95 a) Layup front pieces inside surface
2 hrs
10/5/95 a) Wet Micro front pieces to spar box
1 hrs
10/7/95 a) Lay out and cut 8 spar cap templates from masonite
b) Take spar out of jigs-break down jigs-clean up
c) Mark aft face and trim through CS-1 top and bottom
d) Cut and sand spar cap troughs to shape
e) Cut 1/2"x1" angles top and bottom
f) Sand cutouts for LWA4 and LWA5's
g) Flox LWA4 and LWA5's in place on aft face
6 hrs
10/8/95 a) Sand radii for shear web
b) Cut glass for spar shear web
c) Mask spar for layup
d) Layup 4 UNI shear web and peel ply
e) Knife trim layup
7 hrs
10/9/95 a) Remove peel-ply - block spar for top spar cap
b) Tape protect foam
1 hrs
10/11/95 a) Cut, tape protect and jig 1"x2" dams
b) Cut out shoulder harness blocks form 1"x1" spruce
1 hrs
10/15/95 a) Layup main spar top spar cap 9 hrs
10/16/95 a) Remove peel-ply - take spar out of jigs
b) Cut out foam for shoulder harness block placement
c) Sand top of spar flush with spar cap and sand radius
1 hrs
10/18/95 a) Micro shoulder harness blocks in place
1 hrs
10/21/95 a) Cut ends off spar cap - sand radius on corner
b) Jig main spar for bottom spar cap layup
c) Clean up and prepare for bottom spar cap layup
3 hrs
10/22/95 a) Mark spar cap ply lengths on tape
b) Micro corners and exposed foam
c) Layup main spar bottom spar cap
8 hrs
10/23/95 a) Remove peel-ply and take spar out of jigs
b) Sand bottom flush with cap - ~1/8" lower
c) Sand radius on corner of spar cap
d) clean and vacuum
2 hrs
10/27/95 a) Cut UNI for 2nd 4 ply shear web layup
b) Cut UNI for hardpoint reinforcements - BID too
2 hrs
10/28/95 a) Lay up 4 UNI share web over spar caps
b) Flox LWA2's and LWA3's in place
c) Layup 3 UNI and 1 BID reinforcements over LWA's
6 hrs
10/30/95 a) Peel off bad reinforcement layup (C) from 10/28/95
b) Sand and feather area to re-layup LWA reinforcements and LWA3 4 UNI layup on left tip
2 hrs
CHAPTER 14: 74 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 513 hrs


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