Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - May 1995


5/1/95 a) Trim and sand previous headrest and shoulder support layups
2 hrs
5/6/95 a) Sand seat belt plywood mounts to shape
b) Hot-melt glue headrests and heat duct together
c) Cut glass for shoulder support - 2 BID
2 hrs
5/17/95 a) Sand heat duct to shape
b) Cut glass for duct, headrests (BID)
c) Sort hardware for chapter 8
d) Cut glass (BID and UNI) for seat belt reinforcements
2 hrs
5/20/95 a) Micro and glass 2 BID on shoulder supports
b) Glass 12 BID shoulder harness attach point pads - flox fill
c) Micro and glass 7 UNI read center seat belt attach point
d) Micro and glass 2 BID rear heat duct
e) Micro head rests
4 hrs
5/21/95 a) Trim and sand heat duct
b) Glass 2 BID (and reinforcements) on headrests
c) Flox transition tube to heat duct
2 hrs
5/22/95 a) Trim and sand headrests and heat duct
b) Sand seat belt mount areas, fuselage bottom
c) Trim and sand shoulder support - cut holes and slots for nutplates and bolts
2 hrs
5/24/95 a) Fabricate nutplate tabs for shoulder harness mounts
b) Flox nutplate tabs in place
c) Flox heat duct in place in fuselage rear
2 hrs
5/26/95 a) Sand heat duct
b) Trim aluminum shoulder harness mutplate tabs - sand flush
c) Cut BID for heat duct tape
1 hrs
5/28/95 a) Glass 2 BID heat duct
b) Flox plywood seat belt attach plates in place - glass 7 BID
2 hrs
5/29/95 a) Drill all holes for seat belt attachments & step
b) Flox seat belt attach angles in place - bolt as well, except left front
c) Glass 4 BID - 3 UNI center seat belt reinforcement front and back
d) Rearrange basement - put up table for canard
4 hrs


5/30/95 a) Rough cut aluminum hot wire templates for canard
1 hrs
5/31/95 a) Finish sand and file aluminum hot wire templates for canard
b) Make straight 1/8" masonite templates for straight hot wire cuts
c) Hot wire 2 canard core trapezoids with Deanie
(full voltage ~5-6 sec/inch)
3 hrs
CHAPTER 8: 32 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 309 hrs
CHAPTER 10: 4 hrs    


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