Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - April 1995


4/1/95 a) Trim scoop layup
b) Cut space in foam for step attachment block
c) Route antenna wire cutout in fuselage bottom
d) Install antenna with hot melt glue - solder copper tape to cable
e) Cut UNI glass for bottom fuselage layup
f) micro antenna wire and foam for Landing Gear Braces
g) flox shaped step support (spruce) in place
h) Route and flox corner on NACA scoop
i) Glue air brake foam in place - add duct tape to level
6 hrs
4/2/95 a) Glass area between rear Landing Gear Bulkhead and Firewall - 2 UNI and 3 UNI reinforcements
b) Glass bottom fuselage - 2 UNI and 3 UNI reinforcements
c) Peel ply edges
d) Knife Trim brake area at tape edges
8 hrs
4/3/95 a) Cut A-A, B-B, C-C, D-D fuselage carving templates
b) Make wood A-frame for fuselage support
c) Cut out both sides of fuselage canard cutout between F22 and F28
1 hrs
4/5/95 a) Shape top left fuselage to carving templates
2 hrs
4/7/95 a) Start shaping top right fuselage
1 hrs
4/8/95 a) Finish shaping top right fuselage
b) Carve fuel sight gauges in fuselage sides
c) attach A-frames with clamps - turn fuselage on side
d) cut glass for side layup (UNI and BID)
6 hrs
4/9/95 a) Glass 3 UNI on right side - 3 UNI longeron stiffeners, 3 UNI and 2 BID engine mount reinforcements
6 hrs
4/10/95 a) Trim previous layup - sand smooth
b) Flip fuselage to other side
c) sand for micro and glassing
d) clean up - vacuum foam
2 hrs
4/18/95 a) Unpack shipment from Wicks
b) cut glass for side layup (UNI and BID)
2 hrs
4/19/95 a) Work on costing spreadsheet
1 hrs
4/20/95 a) Begin cutting foam for headrest, shoulder support, and heatduct
1 hrs
4/21/95 a) Fit exhaust fan for basement into window
1 hrs
4/23/95 a) Same as 4/9/95 (a) for other side
6 hrs
4/26/95 a) Trim and sand left fuselage side layup
1 hrs
4/28/95 a) Clean and re-arrange basement
1 hrs
4/29/95 a) Continue cutting foam and wood for chapter 8
b) Mark angle bracket for seat belt attachments
c) Hot glue plwood to foam for shoulder harness - hot glue foam together
d) cut all glass for first side layups
3 hrs
4/30/95 a) glass 1 BID inside shoulder support and headrest pieces
b) glass 2 BID inside heat duct and transition piece
c) cut 1" hole in Seat Back Bulkhead for canopy lock
d) flox shoulder support in place - epoxy glass to S.B.B.
3 hrs
CHAPTER 7: 62 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 282 hrs
CHAPTER 8: 9 hrs    


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