Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - June 1995


6/2/95 a) Hot wire rest of canard core blanks
b) Hot wire outer cores
1 hrs
6/3/95 a) Hot wire rest of cores
b) Hot wire spar cap cutout recesses
2 hrs
6/4/95 a) Make dowel aligners for canard cores - "drill" alignment holes through cores
b) Hot wire shear web space (cut cores in two)
c) Rivet nutplates to shear web inserts
2 hrs
6/9/95 a) bondo 2" x 4" x 10' level to table
b) Radius corners of 3 rear canard cores ~1/4"
c) Mark centerline of 3 rear canard cores
d) Align and level 3 cores - hot glue center section to 2" x 4"
2 hrs
6/10/95 a) Align 3 cores with string
b) Micro cores together
c) Hot glue a support nails to hold cores in place
d) Make supports for lift tab inserts
e) Micro lift tab inserts in place
3 hrs
6/11/95 a) Make 10 1/2" plywood "K" jigs
b) Fill lift tab holes with silicone
c) Tape protect cores for layup
d) Cut glass for shear web layup
3 hrs
6/12/95 a) Order extra UNI (10 yds) and BID (5 yds) [It turns out I had more than enough UNI - I had a roll hidden in a corner!]
1 hrs
6/14/95 a) Layup shear web - UNI and BID
b) Layup lift tab pads - BID
5 hrs
6/15/95 a) Drill dowel holes
b) Drill lift tab holes
1 hrs
6/16/95 a) Sand and scrape shear web layup - due to dry PEEL PLY!!!
b) Remove canard from jigs
c) Begin jigging "K" jigs
d) Flox and bolt lift tabs to canard
3 hrs
6/17/95 a) Align and glue "K" jigs to table
b) Open 11 dowel holes for core alignment
c) Level cores in templates - hot glue in place
d) Micro cores togeher - front to back
5 hrs
6/18/95 a) Cut and sand canard and elevator shape templates
b) Tape and mask bottom spar cap area
c) Micro spar cap corners
d) Get PVC pipe
2 hrs
6/19/95 a) Layup bottom spar cap - use 9 layers of tape
2 hrs
6/20/95 a) Sand bumps and jogs in all micro joints and - spar cap for bottom skin layup
b) Apply peel ply and grey tape
c) Cut glass for bottom skin layup with Deanie
2 hrs
6/21/95 a) Layup UNI - BID - UNI canard bottom skin
b) Peel ply whole layup
4 hrs
CHAPTER 10: 42 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 347 hrs


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