Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - March 1995


3/1/95 a) Glass 2 BID on bulkheads over flox - not finished
b) Cut glass for rest of 2 BID layups
c) Prepare and cut 1/4" plywood for landing gear bulkhead spacers
3 hrs
3/4/95 a) Prepare F22, F28, rest of S.B. Bulkhead for glassing to sides with 2 BID
b) Glass layup 2 BID on (a)
c) Install F28 5.9" back from F22 - 5 min. epoxy in place, flox, glass 1 BID on rear side
d) Install Rear L.G. Bulkhead 5 1/8" from Firewall 5 min. in plase, flox, 1 BID tape on front joint
e) 5 min. 8" L.G. spacers together and to front L.G. bulkhead
f) Mark 1/4" plywood for fuel valve supports
g) Cut foam for keel and seatback brace
h) Glass 2 BID / 2 UNI on S.B. bulkhead brace / keel - duct
7 hrs
3/5/95 a) Trim layups
b) Cut 1/4" plywood fuel selector mounts
c) Cut 1/16" aluminum fuel selector mounts
d) Flox air duct - 1/4" plywood to S.B. bulkhead brace
e) Flox and 1 BID Front L.G. bulkhead in place hold with 5 min. epoxy
4 hrs
3/6/95 a) Bend 1/16" fuel switch mount to size
b) Drill 1/4" holes through rear L.G. bulkhead
c) Trim front upper L.G. bulkhead to fit
d) Trim and sand duct
e) Trim and sand S.B. bulkhead brace spacers - 5 min epoxy together
2 hrs
3/8/95 a) Flox 3/8" x 2" aluminum tube to duct for seat- belts
b) Flox spacers to SBB brace -glass interior surfaces
c) Flox upper front L.G. bulkhead in place
2 hrs
3/11/95 a) Cut glass (UNI) for Front L.G. Bulkhead Layup
b) Layup 3 UNI / 2 BID Front L.G.B.
c) Trim and sand brace - flox fuil valve and tube in place
d) Sand and shape duct
e) Cut glass for duct - brace assy.
f) Flip fuselage - shim level
4 hrs
3/12/95 a) Sand, trim, shape brace - fit brace and duct to Seat Back
b) Trim FLGB and sand rear face
c) Glass 6 ply UNI/2 ply BID rear face FLGB
d) Trim and fit lower firewall - flox in place
e) Glass 7 ply UNI and 2 BID duct/brace
f) Glass 2 ply BID brace
g) Flox brace to duct and 2 BID tape - shim level
6 hrs
3/13/95 a) Trim and sand duct/brace assy - drill out holes
b) Trim fuel valve area - braces and SBB
c) Trim and sand fuselage bottom area
d) Drill out L.G. Bulkhead 1/4" holes
e) Clean up - tighten air compressor belt
2 hrs
3/15/95 a) Sand SeatBack Bulkhead for brace (Instrument panel too)
b) Flox Brace/duct to SBB and IP
c) glass 2 BID on duct/brace to SBB/IP joints
3 hrs
3/17/95 a) Trim and sand all duct/keel/SBB brace and LG Bulkhead layups
b) Layup last 2 BID on rear of brace
c) Start cutting foam for fuselage bottom
3 hrs
3/18/95 a) Cut 3/8" foam for fuselage bottom - 5 min. epoxy together
b) 5 min 1" x 2" wood braces to foam
c) cut and sand all 3/4" foam for fuselage bottom
d) micro 3/4" foam to 3/8" foam
8 hrs
3/19/95 a) Trial fit bottom to fuselage sides
b) micro slurry whole bottom
c) Layup 2 BID bottom fuselage (3 BID in step area)
d) flox bottom fuselage to fuselage sides and bulkheads - level to 0.0 degrees
10 hrs
3/22/95 a) Sand floxed corners
b) Tape bottom-Side and bottom-bulkhead joints (1/3)
c) Micro all corners for later taping
4 hrs
3/25/95 a) Continue taping fuselage joints -finish all
8 hrs


  b) Cut urethane foam for NACA scoop area
c) Mark scoop on fuselage bottom
d) Micro urethane foam to fuselage bottom
e) Cut plywood braces for LG Bulkhead and firewall area
f) Flox braces in place - micro foam in place around braces where appropriate
3/26/95 a) Cut foam sheet and blocks for LBB/Firewall area
b) Layup 2 BID on plywood braces
c) Micro and flox urethane and 3/8" foam in place
d) Sand scoop foam flat - cut 1/8" deep recess
e) Begin contouring bottom corners of fuselage and rear section from firewall to under the spar opening
7 hrs
3/27/95 a) Cut aluminum inserts for Landing Gear Cover attachment
b) Sand rest of scoop
c) Route holes for Landing Gear Cover hold-down inserts
d) carve other bottom corner of fuselage
3 hrs
3/28/95 a) cut glass for scoop layup
b) flox inserts in routed holes
c) micro scoop corners and other indentations
d) glass 2 BID in scoop (2 places), peel ply, and hold down in joggle with weights
3 hrs
CHAPTER 6: 67 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 231 hrs
CHAPTER 7: 20 hrs    


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