Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - February 1995


2/1/95 a) Lay up second side of F-22 bulkhead
2 hrs
2/3/95 a) Lay up 1st side of intrument panel (and clean up)
2 hrs
2/4/95 a) Trim all layups - clean up
b) cut glass for next layups
c) Lay up 2nd side of Landing Gear Bulkheads
7 hrs
2/5/95 a) Trim instrument panel
b) lay up 2nd side
c) cut firewall
d) lay up 1st side - knife trim both
5 hrs
2/6/95 a) 5 minute epoxy stiffeners to instrument panel
b) trim and sand inst. panel
c) mark filewall for engine mount pads
2 hrs
2/8/95 a) epoxy engine mount pads in place
b) shape instrument panel
1 hrs
2/11/95 a) install screws in firewall
b) trim all bulkheads
c) 1st layup stiffeners on instrument panel
6 hrs
2/12/95 a) trim and sand instrument panel and firewall
b) sand all bulkheads
c) lay up last instrument panel reinforcement
6 hrs


  d) get wood for jigs at Somerville Lumber
e) cut fuselage jigs
2/13/95 a) screw jigs to table
b) layout stiffeners, doublers, LWX, LWY's
2 hrs
2/15/95 a) glue up longerons
b) flox doublers and stiffeners in place
2 hrs
2/17/95 a) set up jigs for fuselage sides - step 2
2 hrs
2/18/95 a) cut masonite for jigs - glue up
b) glue up 3/8" foam pieces
c) screw jigs to table - 5 min. epoxy foam to jigs
d) cut 3/4" foam for spacers - sand smooth
e) micro spacers to foam sides - nail in place
8 hrs
2/19/95 a) lay up 2 UNI glass on fuselage sides - Andreas Meyer help (Step 4)
b) flox longerons in place
c) knife trim layup
7 hrs
2/20/95 a) sand layups
b) prepare lower longerons, electrical ducts, LWX and LWY stringers
c) make plugs for electrical ducts
d) cut BID for ducts, lWX and LWY; UNI for upper longerons
e) lay up ducts; flox lower longerons and LWX and LWY in place
7 hrs
2/22/95 a) Layup 4 UNI over longerons - peel ply and use hair dryer to wet out without stippling)
4 hrs
2/23/95 a) 5 minute epoxy electrical ducts in place
b) flox 20" lower longeron in place
c) tape LWX and LWY stringers 1 BID
d) trim all previous layups in LWX, LWY area
e) cut foam for rear lower fuselage area - micro in place
f) cut out air bubble in control handle recess
3 hrs
2/24/95 a) trim LWX, LXY BID layup - sand area flat
b) Layup 6 BID lower rear fuselage
c) patch handle depression with 1 BID
3 hrs
2/25/95 a) trim and sand all layups
b) trim sides to 101.75" - longerons and stringers to 102" minimum
c) Sand upper longeron top
d) trim 5.5"x8.7" space for spar
e) clean up
f) get 8 stitches in finger for sabre saw cut
5 hrs


2/26/95 a) cut out temporary firewall
b) clean up - set up table and jigs
c) fit temporary firewall, SeatBack Bulkhead, Instrument Panel and F22 to fuselage sides per step 1
5 hrs
2/27/95 a) flox F22, Instrument Panel, S.B. Bulkhead in place - clamp with rope and boards
b) recheck all level lines
2 hrs
CHAPTER 4: 57 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 152 hrs
CHAPTER 5: 44 hrs    
CHAPTER 6: 3 hrs    


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