Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - October 1997


10/1/97 a) Layup 2 BID canard cover wrap - front and bottom
b) Layup 2 BID transponder antenna mount on fuselage side
2 hrs
10/4/97 a) Remove canard - prepare for front and rear and bottom layups
1 hrs
10/5/97 a) Continue preparing canard for layups
b) Layup 2 BID inside canard cover
c) Micro canopy nutplates, hinges, etc. again
5 hrs
10/11/97 a) Trim and sand canard cover - hang up canard
b) Clean up basement
c) Determine electrical fixture position
d) Make bracket for warning circuit relay
e) Attach essential bus feed diodes to dimmer heat sink
4 hrs
10/12/97 a) Cut 1/4" plywood for buzzer, relay, dimmer, bus mounts
b) Glass plywood to fuselage sides and bottom - 1 BID and flox
c) Make bracket for canopy safety latch micro switch - mount to latch and test operation
d) Cut 1/16" aluminum Instrument Panel top switch mount - fit to Instrument Panel
e) Mount red light and switch for warning circuit in switch mount
f) Mount dimmer pot in switch mount
g) Glass 2 BID top front bracket for transponder antenna mount
5 hrs
10/13/97 a) Sand previous layups
b) Mount (screws) bracket, dimmer, buzzer, ground bus to plywood mounts
c) Mount taxi/landing light switch to I.P. switch mount
d) Mount fuel pump/primer switch to I.P. switch mount
e) Recess I.P to clear switches
f) Drill mounting holes - I.P. switch mount to I.P.
2 hrs
10/25/97 a) Drill and tap nose gear upper pivot for grease fitting
b) Make bracket for nose gear micro switch - measure position
c) Mount master, fuel pump, light, strobe and essential bus switches in I.P switch mount
d) Trim and sand first layup - front transponder antenna mount
e) Make foam block for throttle-trim-center console cover - tape for glassing
f) Cut glass for (e) and bottom front transponder antenna mount
g) Layup 2 BID 2 plcs - (e) and (f)
6 hrs
10/26/97 a) Trim and sand throttle-trim-center console cover
b) Trim rear armrests to clear gas gauges
5 hrs
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  c) Layout all strake ribs on 3/8" foam
d) Cut glass for strake ribs
e) Cut 1/4" foam for battery cover turtleback bulkhead
f) Cut glass for battery cover turtleback bulkhead
g) Layup 1 BID - battery cover TB BH - peel ply
h) Layup 1 BID all strake ribs
CHAPTER 18: 199 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 1464 hrs
CHAPTER 21: 4 hrs
CHAPTER 22: 37 hrs
CHAPTER 24: 78 hrs


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