Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - September 1997


9/1/97 a) Ch. 6 - Drill sight gauge holes - flox bubbles in place
b) Ch. 6 - Glass 2 BID over bubbles
c) Ch. 22 - Fit I.P. overlay in place - begin drilling instrument holes with 2-1/4" and 3-1/8" hole saws - check instrument fit
5 hrs
9/5-20/97 a) Design electrical system per plans and AeroElectric Connection
15 hrs
9/23/97 a) Make transponder antenna ground plane - assemble antenna
b) Layup tab and post for TAGP - 2 BID
c) Mount canard on fuselage (for cover layups)
3 hrs
9/26/97 a) Build dam on canard for pour foam for canard cover
b) Pour foam build up
c) Begin sanding and carving foam to shape
2 hrs
9/28/97 a) Finish shaping and sanding canard cover foam
b) micro misc. areas on canard cover
c) Flox all nutplates in place for canopy hardware
4 hrs
9/29/97 a) Cut glass for canard cover
b) Sand canard cover foam - re-micro
c) layup 2 BID on canard cover - peel ply
2 hrs
9/30/97 a) Sand and trim canard cover layup
b) Sand all micro - fuselage and canopy
c) Test position of transponder antenna
2 hrs
CHAPTER 5: 47 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 1434 hrs
CHAPTER 18: 198 hrs
CHAPTER 22: 19 hrs
CHAPTER 24: 71 hrs


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