Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - July 1997


7/4/97 a) Trim and sand canopy front lip
b) Sand canopy rim micro
c) Fit foam for instrument panel cover - tape for glassing
d) Cut glass for 2 BID instrument cover
e) Layup 2 BID instrument cover
f) Layout and begin cutting access door
4 hrs
7/5/97 a) Cut out access door
b) Fit for latch, lock, and hinge
c) Trim and sand instrument cover
d) Cut glass for door, Instrument cover, and cover clips
e) Drill holes and mount C1-L's and C2-L's
f) Layup and flox instrument cover inside, layup cover clips and door interior
g) Sand and prep fuselage inside for door reinforcing layup
4 hrs
7/6/97 a) Make C6 and C6A - rivet to threaded pieces
b) Assemble and adjust 3 catches
c) Make 3 C8 assemblies - bondo to canopy
d) Attach 525-10R24 screw for safety catch
4 hrs
7/7/97 a) Drill and tap C8's, drill and c'bore canopy frame
b) Trim and sand access door - fit lock and latch
2 hrs
7/11/97 a) Finish fittiing C-8's
b) Drill and fit handles and safety catch
c) Trim instrument cover
3 hrs
7/12/97 a) Finish fitting handles to canopy
b) Make C-9 mount to I.P with C-10
c) Bondo door to fuselage - cut glass for inside layup
d) Rivet tabs to instrument panel cover - fit to fuselage
e) Glass 2 BID inside access door frame
f) Layout vent position on Instrument Panel
g) Carve urethane blocks for inlet vents
4 hrs
7/13/97 a) Tape urethane blocks for glassing - cut glass
b) Mark fuselage for vents
c) Cut holes in I.P. for vents
d) Remove door - Trim and sand fuselage access door layup - tape lock and latch for flox spacing fill
e) Flox spacing fill
f) Glass vent pieces
5 hrs
7/19/97 a) Trim and sand vent pieces to fit in fuselage
b) Cutout fuselage for vents
c) Drill and tap Landing Brake handle for damper
d) Drill and tap 1/4" pad for damper
e) Test damper on L.B. - works OK
f) Cut glass for vent layups and damper aluminum pad layups
g) Glass aluminum damper pad in place - 2 BID and flox
h) Glass vents in place - 2 BID and flox
7 hrs
7/20/97 a) Trim and sand previous layups
b) Install L.B. and damper handle - works OK but nicopress sleeve tore out again!!!! - double sleeve this time - fixed and reinstalled
c) Finish microing vents
d) Finish fitting "step" retract - flox both stops
e) Replace canopy safety latch screws and nuts with AN3-6A bolts and nutplates - make removable
f) Flox and bolt left front seatbelt bracket to fuselage
6 hrs
7/23/97 a) Sand previous microing
1 hrs
CHAPTER 18: 194 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 1394 hrs


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