Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - June 1997


6/1/97 a) Flox and glass 2 BID doublers on fuselage longerons
b) Tape 2 BID inside rear turtleback/firewall joint
c) Micro canopy and windows rim
2 hrs
6/4/97 a) Cut hinges for removable fuselage top
b) Sand and trim previous layup
c) Drill hinges and fit to fuselage with clecos
d) Flox hinges in place on fuselage with greased clecos
3 hrs
6/7/97 a) Remove tape from hinges - drill pin holes slightly oversize on 4" length - rivet 8 + 3 each side
b) Fit canopy to fuselage - need to redo 1/64" aluminum strip areas - canopy sagged 1/4"!!
c) Cut, sand, fit front corners for reglassing
d) Drill 4 locating pin holes for canopy/fuselage front
e) Cut glass for reglassing aluminum strip areas
f) Glass aluminum strip areas
g) Flox canopy to top hinge halves
8 hrs
6/8/97 a) Saw and route 1/8" groove between canopy frame and front fuselage top
b) Bondo sticks to hold fuselage top in place
2 hrs
6/9/97 a) Flip canopy - finish saw cut and routing
b) Cut foam for drip rail layup
1 hrs
6/11/97 a) Hot glue and box tape drip rail foam
b) Cut glass for drip rail
c) Layup drip rail
2 hrs
6/13/97 a) Trim drip rail
b) Drill and c'sink and c'bore hinge mounting holes
c) Install screws, washers and nuts
d) Attach canopy
e) Sand canopy and fuselage top for 1 and 2 BID closeout
3 hrs
6/14/97 a) Carve foam for flox corners on canopy and fuselage top
b) Bondo wood blocks to hold fuselage top hinges in place - tape protect hinges and F-28 and Instrument Panel
c) Cut glass for closeouts and fuselage top front flange d) Layup canopy closeout
e) Layup fuselage top flange
f) Flox fuselage top to hinges - micro to flange
g) Layup fuselage top out drip rail/closeout
h) Cut aluminum reinforcements (inserts) for gas spring
i) Flox and glass reinforcements (inserts) for gas spring into headrest and canopy TB-1 cross member
7 hrs
6/15/97 a) Drill and tap headrest and cross member for gas spring attachments
b) Temporarily bondo headrest in place - test canopy
c) Trim and sand fuselage top layups
d) Pop rivet hinges in place
e) Trim and sand canopy layup
f) Modify left headrest for TB-1 attachment - make 1" thicker and 1" shorter
g) Cut glass for flange layup and headrest mods
h) Layup flange layup and headrest mods
6 hrs
6/17/97 a) Trim and sand flange layups and headrest layups
b) Drill holes and mount nutplates on flange
c) Cut glass for canopy lip layup
2 hrs
6/18/97 a) Layup canopy lip - 4 BID strip
1 hrs
CHAPTER 18: 154 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 1354 hrs


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