Cozy MKIV - Chapter 13 (Section 6)

Nose Top Assembly

Start Date: June 12, 1996

view of finished nose After finishing the rudder pedals and master cylinder installation, I drilled the nose door and nose top for four countersunk screws and nutplates (the plans call for two, but I didn't like the way the door sat on the nose with only two). I riveted the nutplates to the nose top.

I then drilled out the canard tab mounting holes to 1/4" and reamed them to 5/8" with the 5/8" c'bore, after which I cut the CNL bushings almost to length. I fabricated the nutplate backing plates for the canard mounting tabs as well. I mounted the canard on the fuselage, leveled everything, and floxed the CNL bushings and nutplates in place, as well as floxing the alignment tab pins in F-28 in place.

Then, I floxed and glassed the nose top back onto the nose sides, as well as onto the NG-30's and F-0.

The last step for this section involved fashioning the stiffener between the nose top and F-22 from 3/8" foam and glassing it in place. Bingo, a streamlined boat with a retractable nose wheel!

End Date: June 21, 1996


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