Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - December 1997


12/6/97 a) Continue jack installation and intercom wiring
4 hrs
12/7/97 a) Continue jack installation and intercom wiring
5 hrs
12/13/97 a) Glass 4 BID reinforcement for jack panels
b) Glass parking brake mounting pad and nutplate to fuselage
c) Glass 2 BID reinforcement on back of instrument panel for intercom mount
d) Cut parking brake cable to length
3 hrs
12/20/97 a) Trim and sand previous layups
b) Fit parking brake and cable - cut plywood cable support
c) Bondo support in place
d) Fit Hobbs meter to headrest - cut access hole in back of headrest
3 hrs
12/21/97 a) Layup access hole cover and reinforcing pads
b) Layup reinforcing pads for parking brake cable tie downs
c) Glass 2 BID on parking brake cable support
d) Micro headrest - flox plywood blocks in place for Hobbs meter blind nut mounts
2 hrs
12/25/97 a) Sand and trim previous layups and micro
b) Micro headrest and jack panel areas
c) Fasten parking brake cable to support
d) Prepare pilot headrest for attachment to TB bulkhead - hot glue in place - cut all glass
4 hrs
12/29/97 a) Glass headrest to TB bulkhead
b) Micro random areas with excess micro
c) Sand copilot headrest and jack panel mount areas
2 hrs
12/30/97 a) Trim and sand all previous layups
b) Sand all micro
c) Begin fitting vacuum system - receive D.G. from Jim Lewis
3 hrs
12/31/97 a) Continue fitting vacuum system - make bracket for regulator
2 hrs
CHAPTER 18: 202 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 1505 hrs
CHAPTER 22: 72 hrs


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