Cozy MKIV Builder's Log Book - August 1995


8/2/95 a) Unpack Wicks shipment
b) Trim canard tips
c) Sand canard tips and the micro'ed canard
2 hrs
8/7/95 a) Glass and Flox 1 BID inside surface of canard tips
b) Micro canard bottom and top
c) Attach pitch trim belcrank to spool piece with 12 pop-rivets
2 hrs
8/8/95 a) Drill Hinge pin holes
b) Trim layup
c) Cut slots in hinge pins for set screws
d) Clean out elevator torque tubes and spool piece
2 hrs
8/9/95 a) Cut and shape foam for mass balances - hot glue in place
b) Glass 2 UNI over mass balances
c) Micro canard tip holes - saran wrap hinges
d) Micro canard bottom
2 hrs
8/14/95 a) Sand and trim mass balance layups
b) Sand elevators and canard
c) Cut spaces for mass balances in the canard
3 hrs
8/15/95 a) Set up new drill press
b) Drill holes in tips of hinges - use #48 drill to insert and remove hinges
c) Drill inboard mass balances and attach points
2 hrs
8/16/95 a) Sand canard with large spline
b) Cut BID for mass balance recess
c) Glass 1 BID in mass balance recess
d) Micro canard bottom
2 hrs
8/17/95 a) Sand canard
2 hrs


  b) Rearrange basement and fuselage - jig straight and level
c) Fit alignment pins into fuselage doublers
d) Find midpoints of canard and fuselage
e) Place canard on fuselage
8/18/95 a) Level and align canard
b) Glass 3 BID and 5 BID pads under lift tabs
c) Micro elevator bottom
d) Cut out and drill 1/4" plywood alignment tabs
e) Cut 1/16" aluminum spacers for alignment tabs
3 hrs
8/19/95 a) Layup 5 BID pad under right lift tab - quick cure with heat
b) Read chapter 14
c) Sand elevators
d) Drill #11 pilot holes in lift tabs
e) Drill #11 holes through F22 after re-jigging canard
f) Cut alignment tabs to length - 5 min epoxy in place
g) Glass 5 BID over alignment tabs onto canard
5 hrs
8/20/95 a) Trim and sand alignment tabs - drill out holes
b) Glass 4 BID on bottom of alignment tabs and canard
1 hrs
8/21/95 a) Trim and sand alignment tabs - drill out holes
b) Drill alignment tabs holes to 1/4" - install CN-2 with press fit
c) Drill lift tab holes to 1/4"
1 hrs
8/22/95 a) Trim and assemble elevators to canard
b) Trim inboard elevators square and to length
c) Cutout fuselage for elevator offsets
d) Begin shaping foam canard filler pieces
1 hrs
8/24/95 a) Finish shaping foam canard filler pieces
b) Finish trimming elevator inboard ends
c) Glass 1 BID elevator inboard ends
d) Glass 1 BID filler pieces
e) Micro elevator tops
f) Micro canard top and bottom
3 hrs
8/26/95 a) Trim and sand previous layups
b) Sand elevators and canard
c) clean up - put canard and fuselage away
2 hrs


CHAPTER 11: 49 hrs OVERALL TOTAL: 439 hrs
CHAPTER 12: 17 hrs    


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