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Cozy MKIV - Twenty Third Flight Test

Date: October 5, 2002

This weekend I didn't feel like doing any "real" testing - just flying. After the 3000 ft. landings on Tuesday, I just wanted to go up high and look around.

Saturday was beautiful, if windy, after a front passed through. I took off around 2 PM, climbed up through a large hole in the scattered cloud layer at 4000 ft., and leveled off at 8500 ft. Set the GPS for IJD (Windam, Ct.), adjust the Navaid and pitch trim, and scan for traffic. Visibility was great. I had about a 30 mph headwind, but was still doing around 130 mph GS at 65% power or so. I didn't land anywhere - just headed from IJD to PSF (Pittsfield, MA) and then up to 9500 ft. to EEN (Keene, NH). After the turn to the east, the GPS showed a GS of about 200 mph, with the airspeed indicator indicating 145 mph. The GPS calculated a tailwind of ~52 mph. If only I had wanted to get somewhere fast, rather than build time -).

Anyway, everything's working fine, 2.1 hours more on the hobbs, oil temps around 180 - 225 depending upon throttle setting, and a check of the oil level indicates that it's burning about a quart every 8 hours or so - still in the break-in period.

End Date: October 5, 2002

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