Cozy MKIV - Chapter 18 (Section 4)

Gas Spring / Latches / Access Door / Air Vents

Start Date: June 15, 1997

Gas Spring Latching Access Door I modified the positioning for the canopy gas spring to try to get a bit more opening angle and less downward force upon closing, and floxed the aluminum mount points into the canopy bulkhead and the right headrest. I glassed over the aluminum in the TB bulkhead and headreast with BID pads as required. I then drilled and tapped the aluminum pads for the mounting screws and mounted the gas spring balls. I temporarily attached the gas spring to verify operation.

Next, I began work on the canopy latching mechanism, after ordering all the parts from Brock (while on vacation for a week). I drilled the holes in the longerons and mounted the catches. I then assembled the pushrod and fitted that, ensuring that all three catches had a full range of motion. Next, I fitted the canopy portion of the catches, bondoed them to the canopy, and then drilled and screwed them in place. I then readjusted the catch pushrods so that all three catches tightened down on the pins at the same time - pulling the canopy down evenly and flush.

Next, I assembled the safety catch and handles to the fuselage and canopy, and ensured that they worked correctly.

I cut out the access door in the fuselage, and then layed up the back side and the flange in the fuselage with 2 BID. I then mounted the hinge, Hartwell Latch, and lock to the door and the flange.

Air Vents I cut holes in the instrument panel for the large plastic air vents and ensured that they fit correctly. I then cut the NACA scoop shape for the air vents in the side of the fuselage slightly farther back than called for in the plans. I carved foam plugs for the air vents and covered them with box sealing tape. I layed up approximately 2 BID over the foam for the vent section, and approximately 2 BID over the foam for the tubular section (I made these as seperate parts). After removing the foam and tape, I then floxed and glassed the air vent parts to the inside of the fuselage and to the rear of the instrument panel.

End Date: July 20, 1997


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