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Cozy MKIV - Chapters 1,2,3

Description and Info

Chapter One describes the plane and building sequence and basically says, build what we say or don't call it a Cozy MK-IV. It also says how to get FAA approval, and has the license agreement with Nat Puffer.

Bill of Materials

Chapter Two includes the complete B.O.M., as well as B.O.M.'s by chapter. I've been ordering my materials from Wicks (mostly) using their Chapter kits, and checking the materials list from the Chapter Two lists.


Chapter Three has an INCREDIBLE amount of REALLY useful information about building composite structures. Everyone should read it about ten times and commit it to memory before starting to build.

What I've Got

Here's my basement.

I figure I'll be able to complete the fuselage, canard, wings, main spar, vertical stabilizers, and landing gear down here, but I obviously will NOT be able to assemble these together. We'll just have to move to a house with a two car garage in a couple of years.

my basement

I've got an epoxy pump:

(which I didn't have last time, building a Quickie Q2) in a warming box (recommended by G. A. Venkatesh, who has a very nice set of WWW pages describing the building of a "Velocity" [very similar in design to a Cozy MK IV]). The box is warmed by a 25 watt light bulb controlled by an electric heat thermostat. I've got a 3'x12' work table (comes apart into two pieces for transport), and behind it are all the fiberglass cutting tools, epoxy mixing and spreading tools, sanding equipment, etc. See the "Velocity" page(s) for more in depth descriptions of all the things you need to build a composite plane.

epoxy pump

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