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Oshkosh Trip
July, 2005

 Here's a map giving an overview of the whole trip.

I created this overview map using (need a membership, but it's free with EAA membership).  Aeroplanner is GREAT, if a little slow.

I created the individual maps on the linked pages using AOPA's "Real Time Flight Planner" (need a membership in AOPA to use).  This has the potential to be a nice tool, but you can only store five routes at the moment, and it's pretty damn buggy.

Each Day
(Click on "Route" links for day maps and more detailed descriptions of each day's activities):




Sunday FIT - KHWV - KFFT - KALO Leave Fitchburg, MA, to Brookhaven NY.  Get to Kentucky and Waterloo, Iowa after passing around the Washington ADIZ

Monday/Tuesday KALO - KOSH Out of Waterloo, IA with another COZY to Oshkosh, WI; Eat dinner with Nat/Shirley and other builders/flyers; lose tent, break Curt's plane.
Tuesday/Wednesday KOSH - KUNU Weather Sucked - wander around OSH; fix plane
Wednesday/Thursday KOSH - KUNU Local flight to Dodge County, WI for builder rides; lots of yakking; CSA weenie roast
Friday #1 KOSH - KUNU Local flight to Dodge County, WI for builder rides; COZY BBQ
Friday #2 none COZY Checkout ride for Yair Gil; COZY Forum; COZY Dinner
Saturday KOSH - KFLD - 47N - KFIT Local flight to Fond du Lac for builder ride; Trip home to NJ to drop off Jon Matcho; Trip home to MA

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