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Go West Trip
August, 2005

 Here's a map giving an overview of the whole trip.

I created this overview map using (need a membership, but it's free with EAA membership).  Aeroplanner is GREAT, if a little slow.

I created the individual maps on the linked pages using AOPA's "Real Time Flight Planner" (need a membership in AOPA to use).

Plans For Each Day
(Click on "Proposed Route" or "Actual Route" links for day maps and more detailed descriptions of each day's travails):


Proposed Route

Proposed Itinerary

Actual Route

Actual Itinerary

8/23/2005 None Prolog None --

8/24/2005 KFIT-KSYR Get rental car, Get rid of Mazda, Supervise Movers, Clean up, Fly to Syracuse None Everything BUT fly to Syracuse
8/25/2005 SYR-7B2-CDW Move Zach in, Fly Deanie to Northampton, Stay with Parents in NJ overnight FIT - SYR - 7B2 - CDW Get to Syracuse, then as planned
8/26/2005 CDW-BMG-ALN Get to St. Louis - stay with Curt Smith overnight CDW-S24-TAZ-ALN Get to St. Louis, although not by planned route
8/27/2005 ALN-GXY Get to Greeley, CO non-stop ALN-GXY Exactly as planned
8/28/2005 None BBQ at Greeley airport None Exactly as planned -
9 canard showed up!
8/29/2005 GXY-SKX-DRO-FFZ Visit Taos, Durango, on to Mesa, AZ GXY-SKX-DRO-FFZ Exactly as planned
(except for being a bit late)
8/30/2005 None Hang out in Gilbert, AZ None As planned
8/31/2005 None Hang out in Gilbert, AZ None As planned
9/1/2005 FFZ-WJF Get to Lancaster, CA from AZ - rent car, go to apartment FFZ-WJF As planned


Here's an overview map showing the actual route flown.

A little more convoluted than the plan, but not substantially so. The trip took a total of 19.4 flyng hours, at an average fuel burn of about 9 gallons/hr. The total distance covered was about 2916 NM, with an average ground speed of 150 Kt. Remember, that includes going west, into a headwind most of the way, 11 takeoff and landings, and not running at full throttle (even above 8500 ft).

At an average fuel cost of about $3.75/gal, I spent about $650 on gas for the flight.

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